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        Next All Pro Goalie Camp:                       All Pro Goalie Schools  

      will be hosting their next goalie                    camp in Cleveland, OH.

             July 6th -July 9th 2016! 

       Training Videos                                                                                       All Pro Goalie Schools has some              Great New Training Videos! 
   We've posted our videos here and         also on our  You Tube Channel!        
These videos are useful and great         or both students and coaches !
       If you have a Goalie Video of    your own, send it in we might post it!        

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      Vaughn Hockey has been a big part of why               our Camps and Programs have been so                        Successful, and we appreciate it!                                            Vaughn Hockey

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    Programs and Camps  

                                                                  All Pro Goalie Schools is excited    to be hosting their next goalie camp   in Cleveland July 6th to July 9th.

  Come out and join us at the  

  Hyland Hills Ice Center where we      will be working on drills

and exercises that focus on

edge work, positioning and goalie specific movements.​​

 Damian Rhodes & Ron Veit 


        Damian Rhodes and Ron Veit 

  are the perfect coaching combination!      Damian is a 12yr  veteran goaltender

    of the NHL. Ron is the owner of           Veit Goalie Schools and has been coaching and placing elite goaltenders       for over 25 years. Together their        knowledge and experience can get       where you need to go!  

   Blog - "Life in the Net"                                                                    "Life in the Net" is a blog written just for goalies! "Life in the Net will have great posts filled with valuable information from expert coaches, player's, as well as fitness and nutrition specialist's.  Some of the topics covered will include Nutrition, Fitness, Mental Readiness and Equipment Trends!  

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  Call Us At: 1-480-330-9555       

Email: allprogoalieschools@gmail.com 

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   Next All Pro Camp     

July 6th - 9th  Cleveland, ohio.